Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Saturday Smoozing

Ha Roo Everypup! Thunder and I wanted to share with you how we spent our Saturday with Mom. Saturday is the day that we have her all to ourselves because Dad is at work. Believe me, we get lots of treats, extra attention and played with a LOT on Saturdays. Well, for some reason (work, school & dr's appts were the excuses), Mom only wanted to sit on her heinie and watch TV all day!!!! Does anypup know what a heinie is? Some of the words mom says are just too weird. Any woo, she sat in dad's chair, put her feet on the ottoman and watched SciFi Channel all day! Can you tell just how thrilled we were in the below picture?
Fortunately for mom, sometimes we let her get away with lazy days. She lets us get away with just a bit more on those days, as the below picture of Thunder in the window attests. Mom had the curtains open and the windows open. We got to see all kinds of new people and pups and got to sniff all kinds of wonderful smells. Thunder did make mom laugh at one point, because he fell off the back of the couch in between it and the window. Then he gave mom that "how did that happen" look! Silly boy, he just got lots of extra attention khause mom thought he might be hurt. What a boy!

Woos, Wags & Wuv,
Stormy Jo and Thunder Boy

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gonna get that squirrel!

Ha Roo Everypup! Stormy & Thunder here. Momma hung outside with us this morning for a few minutes before she left for work. She got a video of us watching the squirrels in our tree and wandering the yard. Occasionally, woo can see JoJo & Bow wander into the video. We hope you enjoy!

Woos, wags & wuv,
Stormy & Thunder