Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pikes Peak or Bust

Ha Roo Everypup! Stormy here and I want to tell woo all about our "family" trip a few weeks ago. All us pups heard about from our parents is how the family was coming for a visit and we were going to ride a cog railroad up to the top of Pikes Peak. In mom's talks with dad, we heard the words "snow", "trees" and "khritters"! We khan't tell woo all how excited we were. We thought we were going to take a long ride in a neat train, get to the top of the peak, get out and play in the snow! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!! We pouted for days because we got left at home. Apparently, they don't let pups on the train, something about jumping out the windows and getting hurt. PFFFT, like we would do that!

Anywoo, here are some pics that our mom took of the trip. We hope you enjoy! Mom said she'd make it up to us. There is also a road that people & pups can drive up to the top and mom said we'd go soon.

We wanted to play in this water! (that's dad's head in the picture, ha roo roo roo!
This used to be a cabin years and years and years ago!
The name says it all!
Isn't it pretty?
This is our mom's daughter and mom! BRRRR!!!

Mom saw clouds instead of the city, what a bummer!
This is the train in front of mom & dad.
Just one of the lakes woo khan see on the way to the top.
Trees and snow, oh my!

We hope you enjoyed the pictures. Next time, we will be in them too!

Woos, wags & wuv,

Thunder, Stormy, JoJo and Bow

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Khookie Delivery

Ha Roo Everypup~ Sorry we have been away from the blogger world for a bit. We keep hearing mumblings about skhool, khids and chores from the hu-mom.

We wanted to share our khookie delivery with woo all. Our mom did a wonderful thing and ordered some home made khookies from one of our SMS friends. We were official taste testers also, so we just knew these would be pawsome and they were!!!! We just khan't wait for mom to give them to us. All she has to do is say "Want a khookie?" and we do the happy dance all over the house. Here are some pictures of us sniffing the box and eating khookies. Enjoy!

Woos, wags and Wuv,

Thunder and Stormy

Here we are sniffing the box!
The bi-ped sister was not letting us have the whole bag, we were getting impatient.
Stormy getting her khookie from the bi-ped while Bow & JoJo watch.

Thunder's turn!