Friday, March 28, 2008

Unhappy with Mom

Ha Roo Everypup! Stormy here. Thunder & I are not happy with our momma & this is why. Up until last week, we had the run of the house. We could go where we wanted & lay wherever we wanted~~~even the couches. Well, our momma's DH's mom decided to get new furniture & we got their old stuff. Momma was real excited because she'd been wanting new couches for a while now. We were happy too because we'd get to break in the new stuff. But no, that all changed when the new stuff got here. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LAY ON IT!!!!!! That is just so not husky friendly. We can get up on the footstool, but mom won't let me lay next to her on the loveseat anymore. This is what the new stuff looks like:

It's pretty and fits right in with my Princessness, but I'm not happy at all. I miss laying with momma on the loveseat, snuggling to watch tv with her. If she puts that blanket down, she'll let me up, but most times she has that silly blanket on her. And do you see the couch in the first picture? What's with all the pillows? Everytime I try to get up there, I knock them all down & she comes over mumbling about messing things up.

Thunder doesn't seem to mind too much. He either lays under momma's feet or on this couch:

That's just fine for him because he doesn't mind being downstairs away from momma sometimes. I don't like it though-she's my momma & I follow her everywhere!

This is so not fair! Hmph~~~~I'm looking for stuff to chew on to let her know I'm NOT A HAPPY HUSKY!!!! She must bow down to the Princess!

Woos, wags & wuv,


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Walking in the Snow

Ha Roo Everypup! We thought we would share this picture of us taking walkies on our leashes in the snow. We think we do good for our momma-look how we walk so nicely right next to each other! Momma said that I'm better than Stormy because she likes to wander. We walk a little farther every day and its just so much fun. We get to sniff other dogs inside their fences and meet new dogs that are getting walkies too. Sometimes we even run into other huskies! We think the best part is all the new smells!!! The guy on the tv said that we are supposed to get "touches" of snow tomorrow, so we are so excited. We will make sure that momma takes the pawsital khamera with her when she takes us walkies to get more pictures of us in the snow. Until then, keep it husky!

Woos, wags & Wuv,

Thunder & Stormy

Pee Ess~~~~Can woo tell which is me and which is Stormy?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bow is annoying

Ha Roo Everypup! It's me, Stormy. I wanted to introduce woo all to one of my pompom fur-brothers. This is Bow and he's JoJo's playmate like Thunder & I are playmates.

Here's the deal on him. I know he's cute (momma calls him fluffy butt), but he sure is weird. The weirdest thing about him is he won't go down the stairs in our house. Not even if you bribe him with TREATS or LIVERGREAT! Now, if he was a siberian, I would understand that because we all know we only do what we want when we want. The goofball WILL, however, go down the stairs on the deck outside to go potty. That is just so not doglike and Thunder & I love to pick on him for that.

The other thing that he does that is just plain annoying is his yapping. And we are not talking about once in a while little yaps, but sometimes constant, husky howl inducing yaps. When a car goes by, when mom's cell phone rings, when the neighbors open a door, when the phone or door bell rings on the TV. YAP, YAP, YAP!!! That's all we hear out of him and frankly, I've lost my husky sensibilities over it. Thunder just gives him his Princely look and walks away. And JoJo starts yapping with him. This house has gone to the dogs!!!!

The last and final insult is him interfering when Thunder & I start playing. He thinks he has to be the boss and stop it, so he starts yapping and running at our paws. It makes it really hard to concentrate on jumping and chewing on Thunder!!!

If any of my friends out there have any suggestions on how to tame this tiny ball of fur, please paw us a line (eating him or sending him away won't do-he may drive us crazy, but he is still our brother)

Woos, wags & wuv,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stormy & I Playing

Ha Roo Everypup! Thunder here. Mom was playing with the pawsital khamera again last night and took this video of Stormy & I playing together. It's kind of dark, so I apologize for that. Mom needs to learn to khatch us playing when there is more light around. We hope you enjoy!

Woos, wags and Wuv,

Thunder & Stormy

Wooing the world with a smile! Me, Thunder, in my new favorite position.

Monday, March 24, 2008

For Sasha

Ha Roo Everypup. Stormy & I, Thunder, post this with a heavy heart & lots of love. This is a picture of our friend Sasha. She got very sick last week & crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We are very sad for Isis, Ray & their hu-parents. We know they are missing their wonderful sister & beloved girl.

Run free over the Rainbow Bridge Sasha & wear your Silver Harness with PRIDE. We will all be with you in spirit.

Woos, Wags & Wuv,
Thunder & Stormy