Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thunder's Tale-Part 2

Ha Roo Everypup! It's Thunder again and I'm going to tell woo all more about my trip to my furever home. I left off with momma making the decision to have me come live here in Kholwooado.

On January 11th, Summi's mummi came to pick me up from the PAWS shelter that I was at. She said that I did good, but that I had to be helped into her truck bekhause I wasn't too sure about it. Then, we drove to Summi's mummi's mummi's house (ha roo roo roo) to borrow her Jeep for the long trip. After Summi's mummi took all the stuff out of her truck and put it into her mummi's Jeep, we were ready to go to HBBB's house. I got to meet HBBB-well, sorta, I didn't want to go into the house-my momma doesn't think I was used to houses. So, with the Mala-moms, we started our trip to Kholwooado.

We stopped in Kansas to spend the night Friday and picked up Skylar on Saturday morning. Skylar is a 6 month old pup that needed to go to Polaris Siberian Husky Rescue in Denver, Kholwooado and since the mala-moms were already taking me to Kholwooado, they also helped out Skylar. Once we had Skylar, it seemed like we drove and drove and drove furever. I did a lot of sleeping. I did so much sleeping, the mala-moms nicknamed me a "khat in a sibe suit". I'm still not sure if I like that name!

We dropped Skylar off in Castle Rock, Kholwooado and then drove south to my new furever home. I got to meet my new mom, dad, sister Stormy and my pompom brothers JoJo and Bow. My momma is spoiling me like a sibe should be spoiled and teaching me all about being inside the house with her. I really like it here and I'm glad the mala-moms brought me to my new furever home.

Woos, Wags & wuv,

To read more about Skylar & I's trip, please go here: and here:

We still haven't figured out how to make all the pretty pictures on our blog yet, so be patient with us.

Pee Ess~ Please keep our woonderful khitty friend TIA in your thoughts!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...


We are sooo happy woo found your furever home -

And found such a khool SibeSis too -

Make sure she shows woo Khyra II and Khyra III - woo khan even khyss it and pretend it is ME!


PeeEss: and to think woo didn't want to go in the house and now you are a SOFA SIBE! Ha roooo roooo ROOOO!

The Army of Four said...

Great job telling your story, Thunder! We got to meet the Mala-moms, too. Aren't they just SOOOooo wonderful?!?

Holly said...

You were seriously NOT acting like a typical Sibe! You spend way too much time sleeping, and behaving, and NOT pulling on leash!

Glad to see you are finally deciding to be a Sibe!! We were worried there for a while!!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Thunder, I am sure glad you made it to your new home!


The Daily Echo said...

That's such a great story! You had quite a journey and we heard you were such a good traveling companion.